Song of (de)liberation

The dream of every cell is to become two cells.
—François Jacob

O eyes, I gouge you blind
O ears, I prick your resonate drums with rusty needles
O nose, I plug your oozy channels with pitch and gum
O tongue, I scrape the buds from off your soggy back
And you, exasperating nerves:
I deaden you with mercury, arsenic & lead

And so with sightless eyes
And soundless ears
And scentless nose
And tasteless tongue
I direct my anesthetized gaze out at the world:

Savouring the spastic sputterings
Spewed forth by these most senseless of receptors

And to bring my purposelessness to a close
I will engage an accomplice
(Whom I’ve instructed earlier)
To sever my genitals, balls and all

Dispassionate fate, I throw down the gauntlet:
Explain this sorry wad of flesh, blood, fat & bone!
Explain the one who snubs the hypocrisy of your mechanical imperative!