The First Theremin Concert for Extraterrestrials

lonesome ball
hurtling through the abyss:
where are your peers?

sad little ball
dragged across the minutes
the hours and the years

centuries & eons
an eternity?
perhaps but

who cares really?
wasn’t it buddha who said
that the knife (after a cut)

is of less importance
than the wound?
and yet to refrain from why’s—

is this not a necessary consequence
of consciousness?
to probe that which underlies?

irrational rationality!
and what (alas)
if (in the end)

this is it?
in fear and loneliness
we fashion radio waves, send

them out into the abyss.
cold static reciprocates
our anxieated giving.

where are our peers?
perhaps nothing smarter
would keep on living.