Month: February 2015

Of Pope and his couplets:

“Fitting, for a man of his stature.”

and yet he wrote not in the fleeting half-aborted stiches
favoured by those now touched by blind Poesy’s bankrupt hand
which echo on the page like a stone cast down a steel-walled well

no he wrote instead in a cadence fit for Kings and Gods
and what’s more his Rape was seven-hundred and ninety-four lines long

(trust me i’ve counted)

but fearing the cruel irony of Cassandra’s curse
he dressed his Prophecies in the habits of the mundane
just as the would-be bards of today
dress the mundane in the garb of prophecy

(denude me of these puffed-up lines
and there’d be nary a mote left)

INTERVIEW: Plaid’s Andy Turner


Originally published in BeatRoute Magazine.

Over the last 30 years, electronic dance music has undergone a rollercoaster ride of fads, styles and trends. As the ‘80s transitioned into the ‘90s, the drugged-out sounds of acid house gave way to the brash grooves of big beat, which in turn succumbed to the antinomy of French house and intelligent dance music (IDM). More recently, the electronic music scene has been dominated by the exaggerated bass rumblings of dubstep, Southern hip hop and trap.

Formed way back in 1989, the London-based Plaid is almost as old as electronic dance music itself. Yet the duocomposed of Andy Turner and Ed Handleyhas somehow avoided the pull of the genre’s fluctuating fashions. Largely indifferent to the shifting scene around them, they have spent the last twenty-five years consistently producing music that’s as melodically infectious as it is intellectually demanding. (more…)